Judy offers individual, family and group counseling. Her work with clients is centered on the belief that we all find fulfillment through greater self-acceptance, compassionate communication with self and others, meaningful social and intimate relationships, perceptible progress toward tangible goals, and personal spiritual growth. She has successfully helped individuals to deal with such issues as:

  • Responding compassionately to self and others
  • Learning to thrive and not just survive as a Highly Sensitive Person
  • Low self-esteem and destructive self-criticism
  • Troubled relationships and problems with intimacy
  • Couples counseling
  • Dental trauma
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Parenting issues – Support in raising responsible, compassionate, empowered and happy kids.
  • Difficulty in attaining personal or professional goals
  • Difficulty in decision making due to frequent second guessing
  • Obsessive thinking and difficulty in being present and grounded
  • Aggression and defiance in children
  • Trauma and victimization
  • Energy healing and balancing
  • Dental Trauma

Judy has made it one of her missions throughout her life to find the most compassionate and effective ways to communicate. When she works with couples, she combines her years of teaching, being in relationships, personal therapy and training to provide couples with the tools to get their needs met in their relationships without blame. She also is skillful in helping couples to change their ineffective communication patterns as they are happening in the present moment of therapy so they can have the level of intimacy and safety with each other that they long for.

Family Counseling

Helping to change communication styles within families so that everyone can get their needs met with compassionate and respect is some of Judy’s favorite work. Judy knows that when you can lessen the power struggles in the family and members learn to listen to each other that it not only improves relationships in that family, but their future generations as well.

Lifestyle Coaching for Complete Health

Judy has dedicated her life to being healthy in every aspect- heart, mind, body, relationships and spirit. She recently turned 63 and feels healthier now and with more energy than ever. Due to her highly sensitive nature, trauma early in life and lack of healthy relationships growing up, she knew that she needed not only healing, but education in diet, cooking, sleep, exercise, meditation, communication skills, finances and trauma recovery in order to have my current state of health. At age 30, she began her healing journey and is very grateful that 33 years later through the help of gifted therapists, health care providers and friends that she is her healthiest in every aspect of her life. She wants to share how you can be the healthiest you – you can be! She believes that true health is achievable and it requires that you are well in all areas of your life – your heart, your mind, your body, your relationships, your finances and your spirit.

Since research has shown that it takes about 3 weeks, to install a new habit, Judy offers her unique approach to changing life style patterns through an intensive combination of psychotherapy to reveal the unmet needs that have made previous change difficult, finding healthy ways to meet those needs and providing daily check-ins with support for a period of at least 3 weeks. Some of the lifestyle patterns that can be addressed through this approach are:

  • Relationship Issues along with Maintaining Healthy Boundaries
  • Changing Communication Patterns
  • Diet and Exercise
  • Shopping and Overspending
  • Procrastination and Completion of Goals


Judy also serves as a consultant for organizations whose needs are especially complex or require a more individualized approach. In such cases, sensitive background information may need to be gathered and analyzed in order to develop effective recommendations. Or, there may be a need for periodic, ongoing contact and guidance. Some of the issues Judy has helped organizations address are:

  • Identifying and troubleshooting barriers to effective problem-solving and teaching the necessary skills for compassionate communication
  • Unproductive or disruptive behavior in employees and students
  • Crisis intervention in schools, camps, businesses and communities
  • Building staff morale

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