“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”  Joseph Campbell

We all need love, acceptance, and compassion to feel safe enough to be who we really are. It is when we are being ourselves that our life long pain begins to fade and we realize our unmet needs. This is when true and lasting healing begins to manifest as we finally learn who we are and what we need.  At Odessa Wellness, I offer the compassion and the acceptance necessary to help individuals along their journey of healing.  I listen with an open heart, offer guidance, seek always to understand and I am skilled in the tools that facilitate true healing.

–Judy McClung, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Psychotherapy – Individual, Couples & Families
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Judy McClung, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and creator of Odessa Wellness Center, offers a unique heart-centered approach as she listens with her entire self to the dreams, hurts, needs,fears, goals and hopes of her clients. She uses her ability to listen with intuition and compassion to see and understand her clients in a way that is rare in our fast paced American culture. Judy uses this understanding of her clients’ needs, dreams and goals along with her experience, her own healing journey, her skill and her training to support and assist her clients in reaching their goals

Offering Special Help for The Highly Sensitive Person

Judy was finally able to compassionately accept years ago that she is a classic Highly Sensitive Person(HSP). Her acceptance and willingness to learn and practice the necessary skills to help with the overwhelm, anxiety and self hatred that HSPs often experience has led to her having a much happier and healthier life. And over the years, Judy has become quite skilled in helping other HSPs to manage their frequent anxiety, overwhelm, relationship conflicts and struggles with self hatred. HSPs often struggle with self-hatred because our culture often does not know how to help HSPs and we are frequently given the message: “To just relax, to just let it go, to not take everything so personally or especially to not be so sensitive.” And because we HSPs can’t seem to just relax or just let it go, we end up believing that there must be something wrong with us and hating ourselves for it! Rest assured HSPs, Judy has years of experience in helping HSPs to manage their lives, their overwhelm, create healthier relationships and most of all to love and accept themselves(Go to hsperson.com to learn more and take a self-test).

Can we find lasting fulfillment?

“Healing allows our past hurt to be an empowering compassionate presence that enables us to fulfill our potential. Without healing our hurts will continue to try at all costs to protect us from further harm even if that means we are lost in self-hatred, addictions and relationships that bring us more pain. By connecting with ourselves and others through compassion and respect, we discover our own heart’s true desire and direction. By learning to communicate with compassion, manage conflict and solve problems effectively, we create satisfying relationships and find satisfying work. Finally, by being open to the unconditional acceptance, love and strength from our unique spiritual resources, we receive the vital support and courage we need when facing life’s difficult challenges.” Judy McClung

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