True Life Stories

eat.jpgEat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
This is Elizabeth Gilbert’s very honest account of her search to find herself and to find healing from a very painful divorce. I was touched over and over again by her willingness to share her vulnerability and to just tell her truth. Elizabeth does find herself as she spends 4 months eating in Italy, 4 months praying in India and 4 months with a medicine man in Bali.

long.jpgLong Walk To Freedom by Nelson Mandela
This of course is Nelson Mandela’s autobiography of his life in South Africa from growing up in the countryside, to becoming a freedom fighter and then spending so many years in prison because of his unwavering beliefs in equality and justice for all of South Africa’s people. I invite you read this and be inspired by one of the most courageous, intelligent, honest and heart-centered men that has ever lived!

no.jpgNo Excuses By Kyle Maynard
Kyle Maynard was born without arms or legs and yet he has become a champion in wrestling and in life. I was first exposed to Kyle Maynard years ago when he was on the OPRAH show. I was so touched by the strength of his personality, his obvious tenderness and his accomplishments that I became determined to learn more about him. Whenever you need to be inspired, I encourage you to read Kyle’s life story and how his philosophy of No Excuses has enabled him to overcome disappointment and pursue his dreams.

sealed.jpgSealed Orders-Agnes Sanford her Autobiography
Agnes Sanford is one of mine all time favorite people. Agnes starts her autobiography with the following: “My first recorded words, written down by my mother in 1989, were spoken (or rather screamed, for I was little over one year old) at a railway station full of loud trains. I was terrified by these howling monsters. My mother informed me that God would take care of me, an explanation which seemed at the time somewhat inadequate. ‘Where is God?’ I demanded. ‘Baby want to see God!” So do we all, so do we all. And this book is the story of a searching and a seeing”. I love how honestly Agnes writes of her search for God through growing up as a missionary kid in China, a debilitating depression in her 30s and later becoming one of our greatest faith healers.  I have read this book several times and each time I come away inspired and renewed in my own belief that we all can experience miracles of healing and be vessels of helping others in their own healing journeys.

notold.jpgYou’re Not Old Until You’re Ninety…Best to Be Prepared However by Rebecca Latimer
I actually listened to Rebecca Latimer reading this book and it was a delight to listen to her voice recount her life-long spiritual journey. I think about her often and how she continues to be such an open hearted student of life even into her nineties! I agree with the following quote on the back cover: “This book and its advice is the best there is. It is a way to live life to the fullest, and until what most people consider an advanced age…It feels possible for anyone. And it is fundamentally simple.