At Odessa Wellness Center, I listen, nurture and guide as you build your knowledge and skills on your path to well-being, happiness and fulfillment.

–Judy McClung, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Psychotherapy – Individual, Couples & Families
Lifestyle Coaching for Complete Health
Workshops – Consulting

Judy McClung, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and head of Odessa Wellness Center, offers a unique heart-centered approach as she listens with her entire self to the dreams, hurts, fears, goals and hopes of her clients. She uses her ability to listen with intuition and compassion to see and understand her clients in a way that is rare in our fast paced American culture. Judy uses this understanding of her clients’ needs, dreams and goals along with her experience, her own healing journey, her skill and her training to support and assist her clients in reaching their goals.

Can we find lasting fulfillment?

By connecting with ourselves and others through compassion and respect, we discover our own heart’s true desire and direction. By learning to communicate with compassion, manage conflict and solve problems effectively, we create satisfying relationships and find satisfying work. Finally, by being open to the unconditional acceptance, love and strength from our unique spiritual resources, we receive the vital support and courage we need when facing life’s difficult challenges.

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